Lori and Chris

Lori and Chris VanValKenburg were married by Officiant Lon Tosi in March. Their ceremony was one of the most unique ceremonies that we will ever see. The wedding was held at a private residence in St Cloud Florida with a country setting.  The bride arrived being pulled by her favorite goat while riding on a cart. The couple selected a unity candle ceremony. However, the candle turned out to be a rocket. It launched high into the air and exploded with a huge BANG! The couple exited the ceremony site in an interesting manner. He pulled her while she sat on the very cart that she had arrived on. This was a beautiful and fun wedding, with many friends and family members in attendance. Everything was topped off by a concert arranged by friends of the couple. Chris built a fantastic bandstand for the occasion! Congratulations Chris and Lori!  We wish you all the best with your marriage!

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