7 Things You Should Never DIY at Your Wedding, According to Planners by DOBRINA ZHEKOVA

Fact—weddings are expensive. Actually, make that very expensive, especially if you live in one of the big metropolitan areas in the country. By the time you’re done paying all your vendors and booking your dream honeymoon, you’d realize you have basically spent the down payment of your first house for flowers, food, and a fancy vacation.

No one can blame you for instead being prudent and wanting to save a few bucks to put towards something more meaningful. This is why a lot of brides opt to DIY certain decor elements of their wedding. With so many online tutorials showing you exactly how to arrange a beautiful bouquet or bake a delicious cake, it’s only normal that you might think it would be a nice personal touch if you invest some time into handcrafting 100 wedding favors. What could go wrong, right? Well, it turns out, the answer is: it could all go very wrong.  read more

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