A beautiful Military Wedding

Gaby and Moises held a gorgeous wedding ceremony at the Omni Champions Gate in February. As members of the armed service, theirs is a true love story. They met while servicing in the army, but were stationed in different locations for the one and a half years previous to their ceremony. He in Illinois and she in Guam. They just could not wait to be married, so they visited the clerk of court to be married before she was deployed. They just wanted to be “one”. The Omni presented the wonderful opportunity for them to finally have the wedding of their dreams. Lon Tosi from Sensational Ceremonies worked with them over a 3-month period to create the perfect custom ceremony that truly reflected their story.  It contained a Lasso Ceremony that in essence bound them together for their lives, and an Arras Coin ceremony that committed each to the other. They wrote special words to one another, that Lon read. They recognized their parents for the love and respect that they had taught the couple. Their parents officially gave their blessing to the marriage during the ceremony.  It was THEIR ceremony and it was unique in all the world; just the way that they wanted it. Lexie from Blush by Brandee Gaar made certain that the evening flowed flawlessly and Soundwave Entertainment provided DJ Ray to make certain that the sound, music and lighting was amazing.  William Author Photography captured the evening in photos and CDC Floral provide the amazing flowers that truly  topped off the wonderful ballroom venue!  Good luck Gaby and Moises!  Good luck with your armed services careers!

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