A Gorgeous Country Club Wedding

lonHeathrow Country Club located in Lake Mary, Florida is know for its high it over the top weddings. Natalia and Pascual chose it for their fairytale wedding due to its serene vistas and calm and efficient staff. Lon Tosi presided over the ceremony which was intimate and heartfelt. Among the many wonderful reading was one about Love, which in part read “it was love that brought you together to this point in time, to unite your destinies”.  The couple had been together for many years and truly felt that this uniting of their lives into one was truly “meant to be”. Lon read their special words of love that they had written to each other. Just before the pronouncement of this couple, these words were spoken. “All I Want it to Love You Forever. We certainly hope that wish comes true. Good luck Natalia and Anthony! 


Thanks to April at The D Tales for her outstanding event coordination!  Al Dee Productions provided both the photography, and music for the wedding. Flash from Al Dee Productions did an amazing job as the ceremony DJ! We can’t wait to see the photos!

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