A Happy and Laughter Filled Wedding

Lon Tosi conducted this wonderful and heartfelt wedding ceremony and made the following comments after the wedding:

It was just a small wedding at Westgate Lakes Resort at the Gazebo. Nichole and Danny had some friends along, and we had a ceremony. I can’t remember when I have laughed so much and had such a great time conducting a wedding ceremony. This couple and their friends were a joy to be with. I LOVED EVERY MOMENT OF IT! Just the ring ceremony itself was a hoot. It took some two full minutes for Danny to get her ring on for her. Laughter, much laughter ensued. What was so apparent is that Danny and Nichole love each other very much. I told them to come back for another ceremony sometime soon so that we could laugh some more. It was great! They had a memorable and joyful wedding. Perfect! Little Sand Lake provided an outstanding backdrop for this event!

They had spent time at Walt Disney World and some of the other attractions in Orlando, but were just having a simple steak dinner in their suite at Westgate Lakes Resort & Spa. Best of luck to you Danny and Nichole. You are off on a great adventure.

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