An Elegant and Enchanting Wedding

Ashley and Jonathan were married on a sunny day in April in Orlando. They chose a gorgeous venue in the Orchard Garden to exchange vows. As the photo shows, the Orchard Garden is stunningly beautiful and ornate! It is from an elegant era when events were staged to beyond one’s imagination. Lon Tosi worked with the couple to build a beautiful custom ceremony. The audience of seventy was totally silent as the words of the ceremony were spoken. Jonathan and Ashley, picked individual vows that were meaningful to them. Jonathan wrote his marriage vows. Nicole Square Events did a great job in executing a seamless wedding plan. We can’t wait to see the fantastic photos take by Brian Pepper  and his team. That venue is truly amazing. Soundwave Entertainment provided the sound for the ceremony which was hauntingly beautiful. Jared Burnett played gorgeous  music on his electric violin for the prelude, processional, and recessional. He had the audience captivated with his world-class talent. Good luck Ashley and Jonathan! You had a great beginning to your marriage! And you had the best talent in the Orlando wedding industry to start things off

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