Brian and Zanilia


Brian and Zanilia  live in Orlando and search for many months to select the perfect venue for their marriage. They selected the Renaissance Orlando Airport Hotel. The results were indeed spectacular as the photo below shows. They wrote special words to each other, which Lon Tosi of Sensational Ceremonies read for them just before their ring vows. Brian is not normally a sensitive person, but her words were so beautiful that he was reduced to tears. He is a writer, so his words had the same effect on Zanilia!   Drew of Engaged Sounds Orlando created a wonderland of light and candles for their ceremony. I was a blue heaven!  The couple participated in the Tasting of the Elements Ceremony, which described both the sour and sweet “tastes” that married life will bring their way.  They actually tasted Vinegar, Lemon Juice, Hot Sauce, and Honey, each representing the different potential stages they will experience. From the looks on their faces, they will want to focus mainly on the sweetness that life can bring. We have confidence that they will find the right path!  Good luck you two!


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