Chase and Ioana at the Lake Mary Events Center

Chase and Ioana met with Lon Tosi many months before their wedding planned for March 2018 at the Lake Mary Events Center. They wanted to have a special and memorable wedding ceremony. To them, the ceremony was all-important. They selected selections from the Sensational Ceremonies planning kit that fit them perfectly, and after many iterations the ceremony was complete. It told their story and it was perfect. He said: “I love you because I know that together we will defeat any obstacles that life might put in our path”. She said: “I love you for always having my back and for making me feel like I am accepted, loved and cared for even when I get a little crazy” It was so obvious that they were meant to be! They exchanged vows in front of a large group of friends and family. Their reception was warm and wonderful. It was just a perfect night of fun and dancing!  Chase and Ioana, you are a wonderful couple with a fantastic future ahead of you! 

Congratulations to the beautiful couple! 

Additional vendors include:

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