From the Lone Star State

From the Lone Star State
Sensational Ceremonies Orlando
From the Lone Star State, Matthew and Lisa met and fell in love.  Since they met Lisa, a registered nurse and Matthew finishing up his degree from Texas A & M,  fell head over heals in love with one another.  When Matthew popped the question, he just knew that they had to get married at Walt Disney World.  Lisa had loved Disney since childhood and it seemed the perfect place for them to tie the knot.
Kristy with Disney Fairytale Weddings worked with the amazing team the couple assembled to make sure every detail was taken care of.
Amy with Disney Fine Art Photography captured every moment of their wedding day.  With first look pictures of the couple before the ceremony Lisa and Matthew were free to let their hair down and relax with their family, before the ceremony.
Standing under the shade of the gazebo at Sea Breeze Point the couple exchanged vows and then when it came time to ask for the rings there was a little surprise.  The couple had hired the Major Domo to bring in the wedding rings, but the best man knew nothing of this.  When Rev.Ferguson asked him for the rings, there was a sense of panic that came over him.  He pulled out his suit pockets to convince everyone present that he did Not have the rings.  At that moment Rev.Ferguson asked loudly “May I have the Rings?” and the Major Domo appeared, carrying a pillow with a glass slipper on top, and the rings securely in the slipper.
Rev.Glynn Ferguson with the Orlando Team of Sensational Ceremonies worked with the couple to create a one of a kind custom ceremony.  There were laughs and tears all throughout the ceremony.  He also gave them a homework assignment to write and say why they love each other.
Matthew wrote: Lisa for starters you know I hate writing, but this is for you. I love you because you are the best thing to happen to me. I could never ask for better. Not only are you an amazing gamer girl but you are an amazing and caring nurse. I know you always doubt yourself, but just know I will never stop believing in you. I couldn’t have made it as far as I have is it wasn’t for you because you always push me to strive for better things and to never quit on my dreams. You are my one and only and the person I want to spend the rest of my life with.
Lisa wrote: I don’t even know how to begin explaining how much I love you, but I’m going to try. For starters. I love your goofy smile. I love that you are just as weird and silly as me. I love that your sense of humor perfectly matches mine. I love our inside jokes. I love that you ground me when I’m acting crazy, even if I don’t appreciate it in the moment. I love that you instill confidence in me when I lose faith in myself. I love the fact that you will drop everything in order to cheer me up when I get upset. I love every part of you even though I get annoyed sometimes. I could go on for a very long time, but I am committing myself to you as a symbol of my love. You are my best friend, my everything, and I couldn’t imagine my life without you.
We wish them their happily ever after!

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