Gorgeous Gazebo Wedding

Harry P Leu Gardensin Orlando Florida is a haven for weddings!  In April, a very special couple selected it for their intimate wedding ceremony. They picked a little garden gazebo to celebrate their love. Lon Tosi worked with the couple for several months on putting together a very special ceremony for both them and a select group of their friends and family members. Part of their ceremony read “It was love that brought you together to this moment, to unite your destinies. Always remember just how important your loving relationship is. Cherish your love forever.” It is notable, that the wedding date of April 8 is so special for the couple. They met on that date several years ago. Also, they plan to have a much larger ceremony that is already set for the Winter Park Wedding Chapel on the same date in 2018. Winter Park is the focal point for many such events through the year. We at Sensational Ceremonies wish you much love and happiness with your marriage Jennifer and Michael!

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