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DaussFOTO_20150605_0003Dr. Scott Wilkins

My name is Dr. Scott Wilkins.  I have served as a minister for over 30 years and have conducted hundreds of weddings during that time.  Nothing thrills my heart more than to see two people give their lives to one another through the bonds of matrimony.   My wife, Patty, and I have been married for 33 years and can honestly say that we are more in love today than the day we married.  We both agree that marriage is not always wine and roses, but with hard work and faithful dedication, we have made our marriage last through everything we have faced in life together.

It would be a great joy for me to officiate your wedding experience.  I serve not only as an officiant, but also as a marriage coach; meeting with the to-be wedding couple.  I am also available for rehearsal activities if needed.  I look forward to working with the two of you to make your wedding day a experience you cherish for a lifetime.

Please let me know how I can assist you in your big day!


                                               Dr. Scott Wilkins