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Dr. Ken Link

img_9237-2-1My name is Dr. Ken Link, but I am known as just Pastor Ken.  I have served as Senior Pastor in Texas,  Louisiana, Florida, Georgia, and Tennessee for over 30 years.  I have also served as a law enforcement Chaplain for over 16 years.  I met my wife, Kedra, while attending Carson Newman University.

Our marriage was a bit unusual because we eloped, like left in the middle of the night eloped!  Stopping only long enough to buy a license, we shared our vows in a borrowed tux, a borrowed wedding dress, and a budget of about $300.  Our photographers were the friends we had with cameras who developed the film at the local Walgreens.  The Pastor that officiated gave us the best experience we could ask for.  It wasn’t the trappings or the location, what made our wedding great was the personal nature that the Minister provided.  After almost 34 years I would say it had a lasting impact.

It has been said that I am “not the typical Preacher” and I have the motorcycles to prove it.  After many opportunities to join couples, in all sorts of places, settings from motorcycle themed services to the traditional elaborate weddings, and everything in between I am always reminded what my Pastor did for me when Kedra and I were joined.  I strive to have each couple feel the same special and unique personal and intimate experience of my own wedding.  Catering to the bride and groom while including family and friends and making the entire day feel unique is what matters most.  Anyone can have a wedding, but a true marriage is something rare.  My goal is to start you off toward having that lifelong happy union.

You are contemplating not “A” wedding, but THE wedding.  This is YOUR wedding!  It should reflect your love, your passions, and your personalities.  That all begins with the person you choose to help you plan and conduct the service.

As you are considering someone to help you make the most important commitment of your life, I will take the time to make your ceremony personal, memorable, fun, and intimately special.  A marriage is not only a commitment, it is hard work, and I commit to starting you off in the best way through counseling and/or your ceremony.

I also see my role as a commitment to being available to you on the journey ahead.  My work includes baptisms, baby dedications, end of life celebrations, and crisis ministry.

Congratulations on your decision to acknowledge your love and commitment to each other and to celebrate that with your dearest family and friends.  I hope you will allow me to serve you and your family during this time.  Lets do this!

Pastor Ken

Be Encouraged !