Jennifer & Lucas

Set under the majestic oak trees of Audubon Park Luke and Jenny’s wedding was a unique blend of cultures.  The grandeur of the setting was only the beginning of a truly magical day.  As Jenny joined Luke to wed the romantic lighting, the cascading train of her dress, and his sharp grey suit created a picture perfect ceremony.  But it was more than picture perfect, adding to this ceremony was a very special tradition: the Cord and Veil ceremony.  In the Filipino wedding tradition the Cord and Veil ceremony is done near the end of the wedding ceremony.  The officiant reads as the veil sponsors, usually a male and female from each side of the family, place the white veil over the shoulders of the kneeling couple.  The veil symbolizes living under God’s protection and being clothed as one.  The cord is looped in a figure 8, the symbol of infinity, and placed over the couple by the Cord sponsors.  It represents the ties that bind the couple together who will now walk through life as equals.  As the sun set on this magical day Rev. Steve Trahan of Sensational Ceremonies pronounced Luke and Jenny husband and wife.  Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Lovold, we wish you many years of happiness!

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