Nicole and Paul Video

Graphic designer Nicole put all her creativity and heart into the look and feel of her and Paul’s wedding day! She chose the timeless, yet modern colors light purple, sage green, ivory, and gray to compliment her Velveteen Rabbit theme. The couple chose to write love letters, and, during the ceremony, placed them in a wine box to be opened at a later time. The newlyweds chose to do a ring-warming ceremony too! What’s that, you say?!? As a way for each guest to give a silent prayer/blessing for Nicole and Paul’s marriage, the rings were passed guest to guest before finally making their way to the bride and groom! Terribly sweet and a great alternative to the sand ceremony or unity candle! Nicole being very hands-on made just about everything – from the invitations and printed materials to the Captain America Boutonniere that Paul wore during the reception. What a fun day with so many clever ideas! Yay for the new husband and wife, XOXO!

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