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  • Clearwater Beach Vow Renewal

    Kathy and Brad came all the way from Tennessee to renew their vows on their 25th wedding anniversary. The lovely couple chose the public beach behind the resort where they were staying on Clearwater Beach as their venue. Clearwater, FL and Clearwater Beach is a very special place to the couple not only because they were married in […]

  • Greystone Estate Wedding

    A Picturesque April Evening The venue for Brandon and Olivia’s wedding celebration was the lovely Greystone Estate on 65 rolling acres just North of Atlanta in Ballground, GA. The outdoor setting on the beautiful April evening was picturesque!   Amber Cook with 99 Gatherings did an fabulous job coordinating top vendors, including photography and videography by Marc and […]

  • Intimate Paddlefish Wedding

    A Beautifully Blended Family When Chrissie and Justin contacted Victoria with Intimate Weddings of Orlando they were really look for something special; something that would fit this beautifully blended family perfectly.  Both Justin and Chrissie have a daughter each and so they want them to be involved in every part of the wedding day. The couple […]

  • The New Wedding Trends Southern Brides Need to Know

    Southern Living Wedding Trends We certainly love tradition here in the South, and a wedding is the perfect example of time-honored practices being carried out as they have for generations. But your wedding day should still reflect not only you and your soon-to-be spouse’s personalities but also the time and location your wedding took place. Adding the right […]

  • A Wonderful Wedding Venue in Haines City, Florida

    Haines City is now on the map as an amazing spot to hold a wedding ceremony! The community has a wonderful venue. It is the Lake Eva Event Center and it is amazing!  Nestled on a gorgeous lake, this venue located just off Route 27, features both indoor and outdoor sites. There is also a large multipurpose room that […]

  • Spring Wedding Myths

    Think your spring wedding has to go by the book? Here are five Spring Wedding Myths you’re allowed to Kate Wood Spring is definitely the season most often associated with weddings—and rightfully so! Blooming gardens, fresh produce, chilled cocktails and longer days all make for fabulous affairs. But sometimes the typical spring wedding “should […]

  • The One Thing You Should Spend MORE on at Your Wedding

    By ZUHAIR NASHER  April 23, 2018 “Please be seated.” The chatter that accompanied your march down the aisle fades to an almost palpable silence. Cell phones are put away, and all is still. One hundred of your closest friends and family members have traveled from around the world to be here, and now they sit together, […]

  • Button Up

    Almost  without exception I arrive to a wedding as the wedding party is getting ready or about to line up and I notice that the gentlemen often do not know which buttons to affix on their suit or tuxedo jacket.  The rule is very simple:  for a three button jacket remember the phrase- Sometimes, Always, […]

  • 27 Wedding Gifts For Older Couples Marrying The Second Time Around

    Think beyond the engraved cutting board. Picking out a gift for lovestruck newlyweds is hard enough, especially if they’ve been living together for a while already. Add to that the fact that many couples today might be entering their second or third marriage, and the task of finding a thoughtful and surprising gift they don’t […]

  • Natalie and Smokey

      Natalie and Smokey decided to elope for their intimate wedding ceremony on North Clearwater Beach on a windy afternoon in early March.  There, with the Gulf of Mexico as their backdrop, and with just their Maid of Honor and Best Man as their witnesses, the couple shared their vows, exchanged rings, and were pronounced […]

  • Couple’s Dynamic Duo Engagement Pics Are Awesome In Every Way

    They’re not your average engagement photos. For couple Jackie Nguyen and Nate Huntley, the idea of taking run-of-the-mill engagement pictures ― forced smiles, embracing in an open field ― just wasn’t an option. Instead, the couple of four years, who lives in New York’s Astoria, Queens, neighborhood, spent the last year doing an ongoing engagement photo […]

  • Writing your vows

    ‘To have and to hold; for better or worse; for richer, for poorer; in sickness and in health’ – these traditional wedding vows have a special ring to them. But with so many different options for vows and readings today, how do you decide what to say in your ceremony? In the past, when the […]

  • 10 Wedding Ceremony Processional Song Ideas

    The team at Bob Gail Special Events share their picks for your walk down the aisle. Photo by Callaway Gable Selecting the music for your wedding is a special process for most couples. It’s important to choose songs that mean something to you as a pair, as well as tunes that your guests will love. […]

  • Chris and Katherine

    Cool, crisp, clean and exciting are all words to describe the recent wedding at Disney’s Sea Breeze Point. Chris and Katherine traveled to warm and sunny Orlando from their home in near Pittsburgh to celebrate their amazing wedding. Chris has a flair for color as shown in the attached photo of him with his brothers. […]

  • Jennifer and Thomas

      Jennifer and Thomas’ wedding ceremony took place at the stunning Hitching Post Barn in Brooksville, FL on a beautiful day in early November.  Jennifer looked amazing as she was escorted by her father to join Thomas at the head of the aisle.  There, in front of their family and friends, the couple shared their vows, […]

  • Bill and Madelyn

    Bill and Madelyn tied the knot in early November at the Omni Hotel in New Orleans, LA. A traditional 2nd Line Parade marked the perfect end a beautiful celebration. Rev. Steve Trahan had the honor of officiating and working with the couple to design a custom ceremony that best fit their love story. Special thanks […]

  • Casey and Joe

    Casey and Joe chose the beautiful Lange Farm as the Venue for their wedding ceremony in late October.  Casey looked amazing as she was escorted by her mother to join Joe at the head of the aisle.  There, in front of their family and friends, the couples shared their vows, exchanged rings and were pronounced husband […]

  • The Biggest Bridesmaid Don’ts on the Wedding Day

    Want to be a good bridesmaid? Don’t do the things on this list.   As much as people tend to complain about being a bridesmaid, it’s still viewed as being a tremendous honor where you get to have fun along the way. While the wedding day may be seen as the culmination of the planning and […]

  • Pros and Cons: Having a Wedding Party

    The perks and drawbacks of including bridesmaids and groomsmen in your ceremony. Opening photo by Ira Lippke Studios Friendship always means something different to each individual: for some, it means one person you spill all of your innermost thoughts and feelings to, and for others, it means having a gaggle of pals with which you share […]

  • What Not to Do for Your Cocktail Hour

    Make the time between your ceremony and reception as enjoyable as possible. Photo by Tec Petaja; Planning & Design by SoCo Events Cocktail hour may not be considered the most important part of the wedding day, but it really sets the tone for the reception. If people have an unpleasant time during cocktail hour, they’re more […]

  • Beckendorff Farms in Katy, Texas

    Tucked in the ranch land on the west side of Houston, near Katy, is this INCREDIBLE barn venue, Beckendorff Farms.  Now I’m not one to swoon of any barn venue, but this is an exception.  Our Houston team loved our site visit at this fantastic wedding venue.  Originally built in Ohio in 1855 this barn was carefully […]

  • Best Man Duties

    Planning the bachelor party is just the beginning. The best man should do all he can to take weight off of the groom’s shoulders, such as handling any (or all) of these tasks During the Wedding Planning Help the groom choose tuxes. Organize groomsmen’s fittings. Keep everything on schedule. Plan and give the bachelor party. […]

  • Maid of Honor Duties in Detail

    The maid/matron of honor is part worker bee, part emotional lifeboat. Chosen for your energetic, get-the-ball-in-motion qualities, you should also remember that listening to the bride, making her laugh, and offering emotional and logistical support are also part of your honor attendant package. Here’s what’s expected: Lead the bridesmaid troupe. It’s the maid/matron of honor’s […]

  • Selecting A Professional Wedding Officiant

    It is important for a bride and groom to select a professional wedding officiant to conduct their wedding ceremony. The reasons for that are very specific. Know the laws in your state about who is authorized to pronounce couples as being married. Make certain that you select an individual who meets those standards. Professional wedding […]

  • Color Of The Year

    Complex and contemplative, Ultra Violet suggests the mysteries of the cosmos, the intrigue of what lies ahead, and the discoveries beyond where we are now. The vast and limitless night sky is symbolic of what is possible and continues to inspire the desire to pursue a world beyond our own. Read More.

  • 10 Wedding Planning New Year’s Resolutions for Every Couple

    As you enter a new year of wedding planning, here are a few promises you should make to yourself. by The Knot Getting married in 2018? Congratulations! Walking down the aisle will make this year the best yet. But before you carry on with wedding planning, it’s important to make a few vows to yourself like you […]

  • Wedding Bands for the Groom

    Why should the ladies get all the bling?  Grooms are taking the plunge in record numbers to make the ring on their finger really stand out.  They can choose from the classic solid gold wedding band, maybe a tungsten black band, or maybe even have the stitches of a baseball or the fingerprint of the […]

  • Trend We Love: Fun Socks for the Groom

    Socks, socks, and more Socks! Let’s face it, sometimes the only parts of his outfit the groom gets to choose are his socks and his skivvies. No, we’re not going to show you pictures of grooms in their skivvies (sorry). We want to show you the socks! We love when a groom shows off his […]

  • Pinecone Boutonnieres

    Here’s an alternative to the typical buttonhole bloom. Create a boutonniere from the “flower” that appears at the bottom of every pinecone. This chic accessory not only looks handsome but also lasts forever. How to Make It To make a gap to accommodate a mini handsaw, use pliers to snap away a few rows of […]

  • The Hottest Winter Wedding Ideas and Trends

    Having a winter wedding? Incorporate these details into your celebration. by Sophie Ross Winter is coming! And whether you’re having a winter wedding or not, you can still appreciate some of the hottest trends that are about to be everywhere this season. Between cakes, flowers, dresses and decorations, we’ve covered it all in preparation for […]

  • The Dos and Don’ts of Holiday Weddings

    There are many pros and cons to having your wedding on notable holidays: Valentine’s Day, the Fourth of July, Christmas Eve, and New Year’s Eve are all memorable days that can make your celebration even more special (and ensure you never, ever forget your anniversary!). I personally believe your wedding should be a special day of celebration on its own […]

  • The Pros and Cons of Proposing During Engagement Season

    The holidays are approaching and jewelry ads seemingly make up every other commercial on TV. That can only mean one thing: engagement season is upon us. Although the tradition must have started somewhere, it feels like the holidays have always been filled with proposals. Whether you’re gearing up to pop the question yourself or you […]

  • How to Host a Winter Wedding with a Holiday or Christmas Theme

    Follow these tips to create a winter wonderland for a cozy holiday celebration. Written by: Isabelle von Boch The holiday season is such a magical time of year. It’s the time when people slow down and become introspective, look back on their year in reflection and appreciation, and look ahead with new excitement. Everyone is in […]

  • DIY or Buy: Day-Of Emergency Kit

    There are certain wedding day essentials no bride (or bridesmaid) should be without. by The Knot photo by GISEL FLOREZ While we hope you don’t have any emergencies on your day, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. It’s important to have those just-in-case items to make sure your dream wedding goes off without a […]

  • 13 Unique Wedding Cake Toppers You Haven’t Thought Of Before

    For better or for worse—with a heavy emphasis on better—traditional wedding cake toppers in the form of tiny human replicas have long seen their heyday. In fact, wedding toppers of any kind are now an endangered species, with more and more couples opting for simple floral adornments or, at most, an organic flourish of fruits […]

  • The Etiquette Rules Your Guests Are Breaking

    Written by Kim Forrest • Photo: B. Jones Photography Your wedding is going to be a blur—you should be focused on having an amazing time and hope your guests are doing the same (and be glad if they’re following wedding guest etiquette, too!). However, in the days and weeks following your wedding, you’ll probably wonder—what the heck really happened at my […]

  • My First Disney Yacht Wedding

    Recently I did my first wedding at the Disney Yacht Club. I do a lot of Disney Fairytale Weddings but not at that particular location. Five years ago I used to work there, carrying bags, checking in guests, concierge service, etc. When I worked there I did so that I might be able to support […]

  • Hiring A Friend To Photograph Your Wedding?

    Oh please hire a real photographer;   your friend just won’t do.  If I’ve heard this once I’ve heard it a thousand times.  Why would you trust the photos of your most cherished moments to an amateur?   I had to field a call from a great personal friend of mine, who let a friend of her […]