Audio Equipment Rental

We are pleased to now offer audio equipment rental at ceremonies performed by Sensational Ceremonies! I am sure you have been to a wedding or service where you couldn’t hear the music, words or speakers; or you know someone that spent hundreds just to have the setup for an hour; worst yet – you are scrambling to put together make-shift equipment of your own to do the job…

Sensational Ceremonies will set-up and run a premium Fender audio system for the ceremony! You’ve invested so much in your special day, for a nomimal fee – you can now ensure your guests will actually get to hear it!

Fender Passport Deluxe PD-250 w/ Stands, Mics & CD Player


  • Built-in CD-Player
  • Six-channel mixer: four mic/line, one stereo, one CD-player
  • 250 Watts (125 per channel) stereo Class-D technology
  • Digital reverb
  • Proprietary DSA speaker design featuring two 5.5 in. woofer and dual arrayed 2.75 in. Tweeters per speaker enclosure
  • Two P-51 Mic Kits featuring: Professional Cardiod Low Impedance Dynamic Microphone 18′ Microphone Cable, Mic Clip, Carry Pouch
  • Two 9 meter (27 feet) Speaker Cables
  • Compatible with Passport wireless accessories
  • The Passport PD-250 PLUS will not operate with the Passport DC accessories