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Dr. Terry Fields

hpnCe2u8mZUQrFMKhqdCFPIxclmH1V_tNC6okRY6900,Kr6JQDMl7ejdjC_mFn3HsNIwreKhs_ZRvT94uAjYquY,oElfgrUKvQ_ZrMwoHwS6_KnyeyDM8zrxfEjbWd07a5E,QGItu0bsDiXU9gcqQ5B7wvGHsAOAIdvtjTVkilfG_84,pvT5Q96hEMoS2tMPkkj0TtMuQC2b6JOnyxJVELvPGvAMy name is Terry Fields, a licensed and ordained minister with over 20 years of pastoral experience.  Every ceremony I perform is custom designed for the couple and intended to create a lifetime of memories.  I specialize in getting to know you, your family and friends.  I’ll work with you to design a ceremony that symbolizes and communicates your dreams together.  I’m known for my ability to bring together the diversity of faiths and cultures into a meaningful wedding ceremony.  After conducting hundreds of weddings, my experience allows me to make your wedding day be as relaxed as possible, full of love and laughter, in spite of the pressures.  Your wedding day is a very special day.  You’ll be able to relax knowing that we have planned the details and your dreams and desires will be celebrated.   Music City, USA  is my home, I enjoy officiating weddings, and together, we’ll make your wedding day sensational.

Looking forward to celebrating with you.

Pastor Terry