Rev. Robert Sutton

Your Wedding Ceremony is the celebration of your love story and I would be honored to assist you in planning and performing the ceremony of your dreams.

My name is Robert Sutton.  I’m a licensed officiant and ordained minister serving the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

I have spent 41 years shepherding people and I love helping people be happy and experience joy through ‘thick and thin’, ‘high times’ or just ‘normal life’.

It is a pleasure to work with Sensational Ceremonies and bring happiness during such special occasions, weddings.  I am easy to talk to, understanding in wedding expectations and creative is helping couples make the most of their special occasion.

Helping couples utilize ordinary services, traditional services or even creative services is in my “wheelhouse”.  I am a good listening as well as a conscientious pastor who can bring together, not only an excited couple, but a beautiful ceremony.

I have been a Senior Pastor for 40+ years and officiated hundreds of Ceremonies.  Professionalism along with solemness with regards to weddings is my ‘cup of tea’,

I was so impressed with the similar commitment of Sensational Ceremonies that I joined in helping them make the most of couples’ weddings:  counseling, rehearsals, vows, licensing, etc.

I graduated from University of Texas, Western Seminary and have my Doctorate from Southwestern Seminary.  I’m a certified mediator in the State of Texas, a licensed and ordained minister of the Gospel.

All that being said, “it is ‘your wedding, your ceremony’ and I would love to help make it become one of your greatest and happiest memories.  Never hesitate to contact me for help.

Anytime, let me know if I can ever be of service.  It would make my day.

Respectfully yours,


Robert E. Sutton, Jr.