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Perfect Ceremony
Mar 27, 2015 by Earl and Mary Beth Stewart

Lon Tosi led a perfect ceremony for us. Our guests all commented to us later on how he made them feel comfortable and was easy to hear. He provided a wonderful script that we tailored with some helpful suggestions from Lon. Thanks to Lon for making our ceremony easy, meaningful and special for us!

Lon Tosi is Amazing
Mar 26, 2015 by Cristina Velez

Lon Tosi has been extremely professional and attentive from the beginning. He listened to what I was looking for and put together a custom ceremony that fits exactly what my fiance and I wanted. I cannot wait for our wedding day as I know he will deliver what I am imagining. Wonderful company and amazing officiant!

Glynn Ferguson
Mar 26, 2015 by Lesley Hunziker

Robbie and I truly enjoyed having Glynn officiate our wedding ceremony. He was very personable, well-spoken, and professional in every aspect. We are so blessed to have chosen the absolute right person for our special day!

Reverend Joy Blessing
Mar 25, 2015 by Melissa

Reverend Joy Blessing was THE perfect choice for us. I almost feel as though "officiant" isn't the most accurate title for a person like her. Reverend Joy became so much more than just our officiant. She was our marriage counselor, our "therapist", our "psychiatrist", our friend, a shoulder to cry on, the #1 wedding expert, and most importantly our guide that introduced faith back into our lives. I never imagined that I would end up developing a lifelong friendship with our wedding officiant. She helped us in more ways than we ever thought possible. We met with Rev. Joy Blessing for several marriage counseling sessions throughout our yearlong engagement and by the time our wedding came around, she knew so much about us. Because of this, she was able to create the perfect ceremony for us. Our entire ceremony was magical and filled with love. She made our guest feel included and the entire flow of the ceremony felt effortless and natural. At our reception, our guest were gushing about how heartfelt and beautiful our ceremony was. A guest even told us that if she were ever to get remarried, she would want to Rev. Joy Blessing to officiate her wedding. Reverend Joy Blessing was a real blessing to our relationship and I am so happy we chose her as our wedding officiant.

Melissa + Robert

Rev. Brody Howell
Mar 25, 2015 by Julie Orbik

We met Rev. Brody in a wedding show and we liked him right away! I am so glad we chose him to officiate our wedding!
From the firsts steps of planning the ceremony to the actual day Rev. Brody was incredible! He made things easy and everything couldn't have been more perfect!
Other than being an amazing officiant, he is also an amazing person! He took his time to talk to us, made us feel confortable, he also has a great sense of humor!
We would recommend his services to anyone. I had so many guests comment on how beautiful the ceremony was!

Thanks Brody!!

Pastor Chris
Mar 25, 2015 by Vanessa Mimoun

After reading his bio and agreeing with his views on the meaning of family and marriage, we decided to go with Pastor Chris to officiate our wedding ceremony. What an amazing guy! Pastor Chris guided and followed up with us through the entire process. With so many details for a bride and family members to cover, Chris made sure that I dotted my I’s and crossed my T’s in a professional and courteous manner; and he is very “cool”. His delivery of our ceremony was warm and heartfelt. This emotion could be heard in his tone, and our guest felt it as well. He spoke clearly and projected his voice so everyone could hear him. Pastor Chris definitely contributed in making our ceremony, special.
Thank you for eveything,
Joshua and Vanessa LeGros

Rev. Glynn Ferguson was amazing!!!
Mar 25, 2015 by Dalia Henderson

I absolutely love Rev. Glynn! We booked him the second my husband and I got engaged and it was the best decision we had ever made! He helped us through the whole
Process and when the day finally came was just a blessing. I would recommend him to anyone planning a wedding!!

Rev Rick
Mar 22, 2015 by Jennifer

We selected Rev. Rick to officiate our wedding last month, mostly based on the glowing reviews. He did not disappoint. Rev Rick was easy to work with and always got back to us right away with any communications and accommodated changes that we made to our ceremony script immediately. He was very professional and charismatic and made us feel at ease during the ceremony by giving us a lot of little tips for the ceremony which made the process run smoothly and even make your pictures a little better! He even asked what the groom would wear so that they wouldn't be "twins"! You can tell he loves what he does and has the experience to back it up. I would highly recommend Rev Rick! Thank you!

Marcus was wonderful!
Mar 21, 2015 by Scott Keddy

We chose Marcus to be the officiant at our wedding in Gainesville, FL in March of 2015. We had a few phone conversations after sending him an outline of how we would like the ceremony to proceed and he was very attentive to details every step of the way. He was present at the rehearsal and we again went over every detail and he was very flexible, making sure it was exactly the way we wanted it. The day of the wedding went incredibly smoothly thanks to all of his help planning and rehearsing. I highly recommend Marcus for any ceremony!

Rev. Chuck is amazing!
Mar 21, 2015 by Angela Gentry

Chuck O'Connor was amazing and helpful through all the wedding ceremony needs and the pre-wedding counseling!

Sensational Ceremonies , USA 5.0 5.0 644 644 Lon Tosi led a perfect ceremony for us. Our guests all commented to us later on how he made them feel comfortable and was easy to hear. He provided a wonderful script that we tai