Lee Chapel wedding

Lee Chapel Beauty!

Christina and Christian attended Stetson University for their undergraduate work. During that time they met and fell in love at Elizabeth Hall which holds the fabulous Lee Chapel.  Lee Chapel, for those who have not been there, features an amazing sound system and pipe organ. It is so perfect for wedding ceremonies. The couple had a wonderful ceremony with 100 of their close friends and family! Lon Tosi from Sensational Ceremonies conducted the custom ceremony for the couple and Dianne Lynn Boyd from Married By Mail secured the Florida Marriage License for couple! They are shown above. It is of note that they are working on their 47th year of marriage. That is something to think about when choosing an officiant. With that amount of experience, there has to be some wisdom involved. Family members of the couple, shot this photo of Lon and Dianne! Good luck Christian and Christina!  You had a great start with an amazing wedding. It should be noted that Nancy Blue owner of Strings and Things and her team played gorgeous music throughout the ceremony which included a Warming of the Rings.. Just a perfect day!

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