A Beautiful Garden Wedding

Lon4As a wedding venue, Mead Botanical Gardens in Winter Park, FL has a rustic charm. The seating is similar to an amphitheater with the stage set below the audience. There are trees with Spanish moss, and many wonderful flowers to brighten up any day. Ellie and Jim chose the gardens because of the overall overall beauty.  They were not disappointed on their wedding day. Lon Tosi conducted their ceremony, which included beautiful elements. First, the bride and groom participated in a sand ceremony that represented the merging of two lives into one. Then the couple shared thoughts about why they love each other. Lon read those special words. Surprisingly, almost the same sentiments were expressed by both. It was if they were very well suited to one another, and that the ceremony was nothing more than a validation of their love. The accompanying photo shows Lon as he was presenting thoughts of love and appreciation to the parents of the bride and groom. That was a special moment for all! Joe Marolis from Elegant Entertainment DJ & Video Services played such gorgeous music for the ceremony and reception. We can not wait to see the amazing photos from this wedding that were taken by Cassie Peech Photography, Orlando. The families and friends of the bride and groom danced for many hours in celebration at the reception. A great time was had by everyone! It was noted that Dianne from Married By Mail also attended the rehearsal and acted as a processional coordinator at the wedding!  Dianne did a great job in getting everyone to their positions. Ellie, and Jim, you are off on a great adventure!  Good luck with your marriage!

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