A Garden Paradise

A Garden Paradise
Sensational Ceremonies

Celebration Gardens is located In Winter Park Florida. It has a wonderful laid back feel to it that conjures up lazy days in the summer sun kind of feelings in ones mind. It is at the same time laid back and also elegant with its trellises loaded with bright flowers and plants. It is absolutely the perfect spot for a wedding celebration. That is exactly what Amanda and Greg saw as they booked this fantastic venue for their wedding. John Michael Events owns and operates this great facility and the couple found them to be friendly and cooperative. And, so the perfect combination of venue and a bridal couple was born.


Approximately, one-hundred friends and family members attended the ceremony on a sunny day Orlando. Amanda and Greg worked closely with Lon Tosi, of Celebration, Florida and the Orlando team of wedding officiants from Sensational Ceremonies. Lon uses a planning kit that offers many options for ceremonies, readings, vows, and more. The couple poured through the options and selected items from it that told their story!  Specifically, the ceremony addressed the critical items for a successful marriage. They are love, friendship, loyalty, fidelty and trust. Their favorite line in the ceremony focused on the following statement: It was love that brought you together to unite your destinies. Cherish your love forever. What a fantastic sentiment!  The couple truly have faith in that statement, and are dedicated to having a successful and long-term marriage.


The group of wedding professionals on site that day was truly impressive. Of course, the planners and caters from John Michael Events were on hand to provide their amazing level of customer service. Atmoshpere’s Floral provided the color with their great flower arrangements. Snap Out Loud Photography took so many photos that are certain to be gorgeous. We can’t wait to see them! Power Entertainment supplied the sound for the ceremony as well as the reception. That cake was beautiful!  It was provided by It’s Tasty Too!


We wish Amanda and Greg much happiness with their marriage! 


And it all happened on a sunny day in a garden Paradise!


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