Armando and Yelitza

The Acre is a rustic and interesting venue for weddings located within the city limits of Orlando. It has many options for wedding sites. Armando and Yelitza chose the stage with a gorgeous backdrop of greenery! 
Their ceremony was heartfelt, and at sometimes humorous. The couple wrote special words to one another, that highlighted their love for their pets and their expertise at humor. Each felt that they had the better sense of humor, which was in itself very humorous. It was totally clear that this couple was very committed to one another, and that the every much love their pets! The audience in this ceremony, as conducted by Lon Tosi of Sensational Ceremonies, was totally involved. They laughed and some cried as the couple exchanged intimate and beautiful vows. After the ceremony, the mothers witnessed the marriage license during an emotional few moments. Overall, it was a warm and lovely event on a cold Orlando evening. Everyone had a great time, and the couple is off on a great adventure as newlyweds.
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