Best Man Duties

Best Man Duties

Planning the bachelor party is just the beginning. The best man should do all he can to take weight off of the groom’s shoulders, such as handling any (or all) of these tasks

During the Wedding Planning

  1. Help the groom choose tuxes.
  2. Organize groomsmen’s fittings.

    Keep everything on schedule.

  3. Plan and give the bachelor party.

    Keep track of who’s invited, who’s coming, where everyone will stay, and what activities will take place. Stay on top of the costs, making sure each attendee pays his share.

  4. Help arrange wedding accommodations for out-of-town groomsmen.
  5. Organize a groomsmen’s gift for the groom.

    This can be presented at the bachelor party.

  6. Keep groomsmen apprised of any changes in scheduling.       Read More