Courtney and Logan

SC_Officiant Lon Tosi

Courtney and Logan

The Venue

Courtney and Logan chose Sterling Event Center located in Clermont Florida to provide a unique country setting for their wedding. The main building is elegant and offers a great rotunda as a backup/reception hall. There are gorgeous spaces for the wedding party to prepare. The facility overlooks a huge vista of hills and lakes, and of course a magnificent wedding site replete with an in-house speaker system. The sound for ceremonies is outstanding. The long walk from the staging area to the to the wedding site provides for a grand entrance for the bridal party, and the bride can certainly be in the spotlight. It is into this space the Courtney and Logan brought their 200 guests to celebrate their special time!

The Ceremony

Courtney and Logan wrote special words to one another. Officiant Lon Tosi of the wonderful wedding officiating group Sensational Ceremonies read those words for the couple. That reading caped off what was to become a memorable and beautiful wedding ceremony.

He wrote in part:

“I love the kindness and compassion that you show everyone around you and the way you always see the good in anyone. You make me laugh. We always debate about who is the funnier one, even though there is no right answer. I love how thoughtful and considerate you are towards your loved ones and how you always put them before yourself.”

She wrote in part:

“I love your patience with me as I know that can be difficult in itself. I love your sweet mischievous smirk that I don’t think you realize you do whenever you read something funny. You interact and play with the kitties chasing them around the house making sure they know you’re the boss (even though we all know they rule the house). It makes me giggle every time. I simply love everything about you and wouldn’t change a thing. You’re my soul mate and my perfect match”. 

Lon suggested that they write those words. And, he worked with them to create the remaining portion of their ceremony. There was an address to the parents where the couple thanked them for their love and guidance. They had their hands blessed. There were gorgeous readings like the following: “Love is an intense and fulfilling emotion. It allows you to share intimacy and experience feelings of tenderness and warmth. Love takes you out of loneliness and lets you share your life with someone with whom you can express your innermost feelings and thoughts. It was love that brought you together to this moment, to unite your destinies. Always remember just how important your loving relationship is. Cherish your love forever”. There were intent vows that were heartfelt. It was a gorgeous ceremony that Courtney and Logan selected. They actually worked to create their very custom ceremony.

The Vendors

Courtney and Logan built a vendor A-List, and it showed. A special thanks to Kelsey Johnson – owner of Simply Enchanted Events for working her magic in putting it all together with style and elegance. And we want to recognize especially, Mackenzie Crisp for her outstanding photos! One is shown with this review. Here are the remaining vendors, in no particular order. They are special-each and every one. Sterling Event Venue, Riley James Photography, Pisces Rising Catering, Le Petit Sweet, Leslie Colleen Hairstylist, Complete Weddings Videography and Photography, Sensational Ceremonies (Lon Tosi -Officiant), Laura Reynolds Artistry, The Flower Studio, Florida Candy Buffets, , Starry Night Event Painting, Bowtie & Brush Flower Wall.

And it all happened on a sunny and warm evening in the gorgeous hills of Central Florida.