Greystone Estate Wedding

SC Officiant Scott Barber Greystone Estate

Greystone Estate Wedding

A Picturesque April Evening

The venue for Brandon and Olivia’s wedding celebration was the lovely Greystone Estate on 65 rolling acres just North of Atlanta in Ballground, GA. The outdoor setting on the beautiful April evening was picturesque!

a picturesque april wedding

Greystone Estate Wedding
Sensational Ceremonies

Amber Cook with 99 Gatherings did an fabulous job coordinating top vendors, including photography and videography by Marc and Anna Photo and Film, Sound and music by DJ Calen Pass with The TC Show, catering by Center Cut Catering, cakes by Confection Perfection, and officiant Rev. Scott Barber of Sensational Ceremonies.   

The ceremony was a custom designed celebration of the bride and groom’s unique stories, what brought them together, and a challenge as they chart their future. Prior to the ceremony, Rev. Barber asked Brandon and Olivia what their first impressions of each other were, as well as what they most admired about one another.

Olivia shared that she thought Brandon was friendly, yet quiet. The fact that he did not have to be the center of attention drew her in. Brandon was intrigued with Olivia’s taste in music, which happened to include his favorite band at the time. He also liked that she had a similar shyness to his own. Brandon went on to describe his admiration for Olivia’s ambition in every area of life. He loves that she has goals in life and that she chooses to share those goals with him. Furthermore, Olivia described Brandon as kind and caring regardless of the circumstance. He will go out of his way to make sure others are taken care of. 

Congratulations Brandon and Olivia!