Elizabeth Harding and Mahlon Graham were married in a traditional Christian/Jewish wedding ceremony in the Grand Ballroom of the Isleworth Country Club in March of this year. Officiant, Lon Tosi, was given the distinct honor and privilege by their families of signing the Jewish Ketubah prior to the wedding ceremony.  Elizabeth and Mahlon honored both families by including Christian and Jewish traditions in their ceremony.   The wedding ceremony itself was performed under a Jewish Chuppah.   The couple chose a sand ceremony to represent the blending of two families into one.  Just as the two containers of sand, that were poured into one vase by the bride and groom could never be separated, so should their lives never be separated again.

Rings are an outward  expression of ones inward love for each other.  Elizabeth and Mahlon wanted to carry the prayers and sentiment of their closest family and friends with them always.  For this reason, they chose to include as part of their ceremony “The warming of the rings.”  The rings were given to family members and closest friends who held them for for a moment, offering their love, prayers and sentiments to be made part of the rings Elizabeth and Mahlon would forever wear.

The couple wrote letters expressing the love they hold in their hearts for each other.Lon was given these letters to read and share with family and friends during the ceremony.  Those letters serve as the base for the attached film.  This film captures the essence of two individuals, deeply in love,surrounded by parents, siblings, family and friends whose love will always be part of their lives.

Theirs was truly a wedding ceremony to remember – Wishing them all of the best as theyElizabeth and Mahlonbegin their journey as husband and wife together.

As always, there was a great team of professionals supporting the entire wedding. Mike Briggs of Mike Briggs Photography, Jeffery Stoner of Stoner Video, The beautiful sounds of Paul Vesco, Susie Weis  of Wonderful Weddings and of course the wonderful team at Isleworth Golf and Country Club, led that evening by Christine Frew.