Kelly and John

joyThis DIY Wedding with Kelly and John Lawrence at the Junior League River House in Jacksonville, Florida– encompassed all their unique interests, talents and personal tastes. Bride Kelly worked several months to create two yellow and blue flower walls for their ceremony and reception. They assembled a unity cross within their custom ceremony as Rev Joy Blessing explained the symbolism related to the creation of marriage and becoming one according to their Christian Faith. At the reception, Rev Joy Blessing offered a special prayer and blessing upon the couple and the joyful celebration which followed. On the reception tables, they provided games for guests to be entertained- since these newlywed’s love games- even miniature bowling options were available because they often enjoy bowling dates. A cupcake tower was created by Sweet by Holly in Jacksonville- topped with a penguin couple- Kelly and John’s favorite bird, since penguins’ mate for life. Reverend Joy Blessing worked with the couple for many months to ensure it was truly a wonderful, custom wedding ceremony as the beginning of a more than wonderful marriage.

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