Love Conquers

SC_Officiant Rev. Joy Blessing

Love Conquers

It’s often been said that “love endures all things”….and that “love never fails”–and “love conquers all.”  This was evident as Jason and Mikailea stood together on their wedding day during the “corona quarantine”– as a testimony of the meaning of “everlasting love. They had planned for more than a year to celebrate their love at a magnificent, romantic venue with many friends and family—but, with the venue closed, they moved their ceremony to be with just a few family and friends in the backyard of one of their parent’s homes.  They also set up Facetime Live” for the hundreds of friends and family to witness their nuptials from afar

  Jason and Mikaila realized that although plans can change, their love was steadfast…..and confirmed that wherever they are together….is the best and most beautiful place of all. With nearly all courthouses closed, this Bride and Groom was able to obtain their license through the services of “Married By Mail”–as they were able to obtain marriage licenses on behalf of couples during this “corona crises.”Officiant Rev Joy Blessing of Sensational Ceremonies composed wedding words which helped everyone to focus on the joy of the blessings of their love –and their intimate ceremony was filled with laughter and fun—with family and friends from afar participating in the celebration streamed online. Rev Joy Blessing had asked them to write what they loved most about each other for her to share on their behalf during their joyous ceremony. 

Mikaila who reminded all of us of a Disney Princess told of how the first she loved about Jace was his sense of humor that was a perfect match for her own.  On their first date, she knew there was something special about him when his first words upon seeing her was “you’re tall!”   She said their first meeting was like something out of a bad “romcom” where the guy sees the girl and gets all tongue tied and she loved how he was “adorable.” On their second date, as they were saying “goodbyes”–he broke out into Celine Dion’s song “My Heart Will Go On’–and it was then she knew that he was “the one.” Jason said that one of the first things he loved about his bride was that she was strong willed, she knew what she liked and didn’t shy away from things that make her happy.  He loves how she likes dinosaurs, puppies, cartoons and would do anything to protect her family and puppies. 

Jason loves how they are both complete and total opposites–but at the same time have the same interests and have a lot of fun enjoying even just the little things together every day.  Jason loves how Mikaila excels in every facet of life–and every part of his life is made better with her as part of it. The love they shared—and determination to get married even when their “dream” venue was “corona closed”–made it easy for Rev Joy Blessing to joyfully pronounce them “husband and wife”….and confidently declare that “THE BEST IS YET TO COME!”