My First Disney Yacht Wedding

Disney Yacht Club Weddings

Recently I did my first wedding at the Disney Yacht Club. I do a lot of Disney Fairytale Weddings but not at that particular location. Five years ago I used to work there, carrying bags, checking in guests, concierge service, etc. When I worked there I did so that I might be able to support my family, while I built Sensational Ceremonies.

Every day I would listen to the hopes and dreams of the hourly and tipped workers there, but I realized along the way that you can dream all you want, but if you are not willing to put action, sweat, and hard work into your dream, then it will remain just that -a dream!

Great companies are a recipe of risk, work, endurance, dedication,  and sacrifice. I used to hide in the luggage room of the yacht club when people like Kevin Knox, Jack Day, or Tim Herring would come in to perform a wedding at the venue. It wasn’t that I was ashamed of what I was doing, but that I wanted them to see me as their peer and it was hard to see that dressed in a sailor costume. 

Today I walked back in and was greeted by one of my former fellow cast members. He was still carrying bags pushing a brass luggage cart wearing the same sailor outfit that I had worn years before. He asked me how I was and after we exchanged a few pleasantries he asked me what I was doing. I told him that I had formed a little company was doing a few weddings here and there. I didn’t want to make him feel small in any way, as I stood there in my Michael Khors black suit ready to do a wedding. He always talked about the dreams that he had of investing in the stock market and in owning his own business, but he lacked the action to do it.

What is your dream? What are you willing to do to make that dream a reality? What action do you need to do NOW?  Don’t wait! Today’s dreams are either tomorrow’s reality or a list of “shoulda, coulda, wouldas.”

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