Pinecone Boutonnieres

Pinecone Boutonnieres

Here’s an alternative to the typical buttonhole bloom. Create a boutonniere from the “flower” that appears at the bottom of every pinecone. This chic accessory not only looks handsome but also lasts forever.

How to Make It
To make a gap to accommodate a mini handsaw, use pliers to snap away a few rows of scales just above the bottom “blossom” of the pinecone. Saw through the core. 

Place three strands of floral wire together, and wrap around the stump of the pinecone’s base; twist together to make a stem, then wrap with floral tape. 

Wrap the stem with decorative ribbon by laying one end of ribbon across end of stem, and winding the other end upward. 

Glue top end of ribbon. 

Tie a second ribbon around stem, and trim ends to look like leaves. 

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