The Biggest Bridesmaid Don’ts on the Wedding Day

The Biggest Bridesmaid Don’ts on the Wedding Day

Want to be a good bridesmaid? Don’t do the things on this list.

what bridesmaids shouldn't do on the wedding day


As much as people tend to complain about being a bridesmaid, it’s still viewed as being a tremendous honor where you get to have fun along the way. While the wedding day may be seen as the culmination of the planning and prenuptial events that you, as a bridesmaid, have taken part in, there are still responsibilities to get through. Most importantly, you don’t want to do anything that will have a negative impact on the bride’s big day. There are enough stories about friendships being forever tarnished because of bad experiences in a bridal party. Yes, some of these sad cases are the result of a bridezilla, but you still don’t want to do anything to make the event more stressful than it is. Below are some of the major things you want to avoid. 



– Don’t be late. This will alter the hair and makeup schedule, which means it won’t necessarily just be you rushing to get ready. You could throw the whole plan out of whack. 

– Don’t ask for a plus one. This should have been dealt with long before the wedding day. If you’re suddenly feeling anxious about being the only one in the bridal party without a date, we can empathize, but that ship has sailed. 

– Don’t forget anything. This includes shoes, accessories, and most of all your dress – triple check before you head to the getting-ready location that you have absolutely everything you need. 

Photo by Maitha Lunde

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