This is What Love Looks Like

The question is often asked “can you see love?” The answer is- YES- for you only need to look into the eyes of a Bride and Groom on their “best day ever”–to see what love looks like. Tim and Marliese Croskey began their lives together as husband and wife at one of the most romantic, mystical, and magical venues in all the world–Walker’s Landing, Omni Plantation Resort on Amelia Island.  Under a canopy of majestic oaks covered with Spanish moss, their ceremony was filled with abundant joy and laughter. This amazing, resourceful and talented Bride and Groom planned their intimate wedding for closest family and friends–all while going to school, working full time jobs, and caring for their precious two-year-old daughter.  They each handled nearly all the details of their wedding celebration without professional assistance. While most grooms are awaiting instructions as to what to do prior to the ceremony–Groom Tim was visible to all vendors and guests– to ensure everything unfolded as planned. Rev Joy Blessing met with them months before their wedding date-and worked to help them compose a ceremony that was uniquely their own–to reflect their personalities and heart’s desires. Their ceremony included participation by the dearest women in their lives—as their precious daughter was flower girl and, Mom of the Bride read one of their favorite poems; “Thank You” by Led Zepplin.  The Mom of the Groom offered a blessing upon their union by sharing a prayer by James Dillet Freeman perfectly entitled “Blessing For A Marriage.” One most special and cherished elements during this joyous ceremony was when Rev Joy Blessing shared on behalf of Tim and Marliese what they loved most about each other. Neither the Bride nor Groom had seen each other’s love notes before their wedding day. Tim’s words included the following: “…it doesn’t matter if I play one too many jokes, or put on one too many horror movies, I know she will always love me…. just as I will always love her…. I’ve heard that once people marry, things change…but I know what will never change is that she will be the most beautiful woman I have ever met. I constantly remind myself of how lucky I am to have found such a beautiful woman with a kind and warming soul.” Marliese shared her love for Tim with similar words of admiration, including the following: ” …He can make me literally laugh in any situation (and he did so during their wedding ceremony) … even when I’m really trying to be mad, he cracks a joke-which makes me madder, but at least I’m laughing…….he brings…unending positivity to my life. Sometimes his jokes are not the funniest, but that makes them funnier! In everything he does, he gives it 110% of his time and attention! Law school, parenthood, legal internships, family time…he juggles a million things and makes it look easy…never complaining…. he is the BEST father in the world to our daughter…I could not have imagined a better person to have embarked on this journey with…and feel like the luckiest woman to have found such a remarkable man!”


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