13 Unique Wedding Cake Toppers You Haven’t Thought Of Before

For better or for worse—with a heavy emphasis on better—traditional wedding cake toppers in the form of tiny human replicas have long seen their heyday. In fact, wedding toppers of any kind are now an endangered species, with more and more couples opting for simple floral adornments or, at most, an organic flourish of fruits and fresh-cut herbs. While contemporary cake toppers have come a long way from the plastic bride and groom, many still lack that stylish oomph needed to bring your wedding cake game to the next level.

But if the creepy cake topper figurines of yesteryear—or even the basic-but-boring lovebird toppers of today—have steered you into the camp of unadorned cake supporters, let me suggest that it is possible to have a très chic topper without getting totally weird or wacky. Here are 13 of the most unique wedding cake toppers I’ve come across that just might have you rethinking your cake choices.    Read More

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