The Etiquette Rules Your Guests Are Breaking

The Etiquette Rules Your Guests Are Breaking

Written by Kim Forrest  Photo: B. Jones Photography

Your wedding is going to be a blur—you should be focused on having an amazing time and hope your guests are doing the same (and be glad if they’re following wedding guest etiquette, too!). However, in the days and weeks following your wedding, you’ll probably wonder—what the heck really happened at my wedding? Sure, your besties will dish on some of the behind-the-scenes gossip, but it’s impossible to get the full scoop on every guest’s experience.

We asked over 800 guests to tell us about their “wedding confessions”—the truth about what they’re really doing and if they’re breaking wedding guest etiquette in the process.


They’re on their phones—pretty much all the time.

While 19 percent of couples host “unplugged weddings,” expect your wedding guests to be pretty attached to their devices during your nuptials. Over half of guests use their phones to take photos during a wedding, and 27 percent of guests post photos from weddings on social media during the event (28 percent use the wedding hashtag when doing so!). While phones can be great tools when it comes to photo-sharing, there’s also a major downside. Eight percent of guests admitted to having their phone ring out loud during a wedding (a major wedding guest etiquette no-no)—so be sure to ask your guests to silence their devices during the important moments of the day (a note in your ceremony program is a good way to do this!).

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