Casa Feliz Weddings

Casa Feliz Weddings

Orlando Wedding Officiants
Rev.Glynn Ferguson

Casa Feliz weddings are historic.  With the beautiful aged brick arches, heavy wood doors, and that amazing spiral staircase- this place is just perfect for those who wish to step back in time for their ceremony.

Robyn and Daniel tied the knot under a stunning floral display of roses and wisteria, by Lee Forrest Design.   Lee also crafted the couple’s gorgeous bouquet and boutonniere.  
Juniper Events worked with Dan and Robyn to make sure that every detail of their intimate wedding was just perfect for them.  From ceremony layout to the placement of every seating card Melissa made sure every detail was accounted for.
When you entered the ballroom, one thing really stood out and that was the smell of the delicious and beautiful wedding cake by Cut the Cake.
 Arthur’s Catering prepared a meal for the couple and their guest that can only be described as a culinary delight.  

Rev.Glynn Ferguson with Sensational Ceremonies met with Robyn and Dan to plan their custom ceremony.  With a touch of traditional, a dash of contemporary, and a little homework that Rev.Glynn gave them, there ceremony was just perfect.  When asked why they love each other Dan wrote: 

WHY DO I LOVE ROBYN ; Its such an easy answer with so much complex detail… She gave me a purpose.

Up until the night I met Robyn I was young and ambition. I felt like a big ball of potential but for some reason my entire life i didn’t seem to fully realize it. I was always good in school.. but not great. I was always good in my career, but could never truly dedicate myself. I wanted so much to be a success, but for some reason I lacked some kind of motivation… Then i met Robyn.

Suddenly, it was like i was full of a fire and energy to be great and to achieve everything I wanted. Her love, her support and the confidence in myself that she instilled made me the person that I am today. I wanted to be great FOR HER. I wanted to create a life that would give here everything in the world that she deserved. Robyn took what I knew was inside of me and brought it out. She gave me a reason to wake up every morning and become just a little better. She gave me a purpose to be great.

And it was not just professionally. Personally, Robyn has made me a better man. The only thing stronger than my stubbornness, is Robyn’s patience. She’s tough me to be a more patient, more forgiving and more compassionate person. I Certainly have a ways to go but I have the best teacher. 

People always say that your partner should make you better and complete you. I can honestly say that is exactly what Robyn did for me and that is why I love her and why I want her by my side until my last days.

Congratulations Dan and Robyn!