Dustin and Lindsay

What a beautiful way to celebrate New Year’s!  Dustin & Lindsay got married at her parent’s house in Winter Springs as the hours of 2017 counted down and as we waited for 2018.  This amazing couple have known each other a long time and have twin 2- year old boys.  It was quite appropriate for a couple that has a deep and impactful story to celebrate their nuptials as the freshness of a new year approaches.  It was a beautiful setting in Winter Springs on the water.  A great deal of work and planning obviously went into the night and I am sure their guests will never forget a New Year’s Eve celebration like this one.  Halfway through the ceremony their twin boys, sitting with relatives in the front row, laughed and exclaimed in joy together.  They were happy.  Mom and Dad were about to repeat the vows in that moment and they both laughed in response as well.  It was a beautiful and reflective moment for a family. Cameron Edgar did a fantastic job working with the couple to create a beautiful custom ceremony that best reflected their love story. Congratulations Lindsay and Dustin!  It was my honor to be there for you at the end of a year and the beginning of your journey as husband and wife. 

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