Reunion Resort

Reunion Resort

Lon Tosi
Sensational Ceremonies

Tammy and Gavin chose to hold their wedding ceremony at the gorgeous Reunion Resort just outside Orlando, FL. They actually did all of their planning from Great Britain with the help of Carol Gavin’s mother. Carol actually packed four suitcases full of flowers, other decorations and of course the gorgeous wedding gown that Tammy is wearing in the attached photo. They also brought with them thirty friends and family members.

Instead of going the traditional route of renting a ballroom or wedding venue, they chose to secure a large home in Reunion, FL. With the 14-bedrooms and grand entrance way their rental easily fit all of their guests. The home as supplied by Magical Vacation Homes also featured a gorgeous gazebo along the outdoor pool that provided the perfect spot for their custom wedding ceremony. Gavin and Tammy worked with Lon Tosi from Sensational Ceremonies to create a custom ceremony. They actually had met with Lon on an earlier trip to the states and had been conducting the ceremony planning for nearly a year.

The ceremony featured the Tying of the Knot. Tammy and Gavin used a Fisherman’s knot to signify the bond that they were creating with their marriage. The Fisherman’s Knot is one of the strongest, and when pressure is applied to it the knot becomes stronger. Every marriage should start with the commitment to work through the hardest of times. However, there is always light coming through the knot. The light signified that this couple intends to maintain their individuality. After the ceremony ,the couple and their guests retired to the grand dining room which featured an absolutely beautiful granit banquet table with is also shown in the attached photo. It was breathtaking!

Wonderful vendors participated in this event without which it could not have happened. Magical Vacation Homes provided the rental and other items for the event. Love Like Ours Photography did an outstanding job of capturing all the beautiful moments. Lon Tosi from Sensational Ceremonies provided the custom wedding ceremony and of course, the amazing Married By Mail provided the Florida Marriage License Service for this couple. Tammy and Gavin, the teams at Married By Mail and Sensational Ceremonies wish you much luck and happiness with your marriage!