The New Wedding Trends Southern Brides Need to Know

The New Wedding Trends Southern Brides Need to Know

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Maggie Burch

Southern Living Wedding Trends

We certainly love tradition here in the South, and a wedding is the perfect example of time-honored practices being carried out as they have for generations. But your wedding day should still reflect not only you and your soon-to-be spouse’s personalities but also the time and location your wedding took place. Adding the right modern elements to your ceremony, reception, or even just your dress will make your day distinctly yours, and we think that’s more important than worrying if a certain trend will look dated in a few years. Hey, we got to laugh at our moms’ big ‘80s sleeves and bridesmaids’ hats—it’s ok to give your children something to say, Wow, that is so 2017 about. Below are 8 of our favorite current wedding trends that you can incorporate into your Big Day, whether it’s in 2 months or 12.





Elaborate Stationery Suites 

Patterned envelope liners, custom monograms and seals, marbled paper, and unexpected materials like laser-cut paper and tin or Lucite invites are ways to make your wedding stand out. While you can establish an overarching theme for your entire stationery suite, you could pick just one or two elements to go more modern with—maybe your save-the-dates or programs…

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