The Estate on the Halifax Wedding

The Estate on the Halifax Wedding

A Broadway Themed Wedding

The Estate on the Halifax in Port Orange, Florida, was home on Saturday, April 13th for a late afternoon wedding with beautiful bride, Kirsten, and husband, Ken.  Mr. and Mrs. Taylor officially became husband and wife in the chapel on the 10-acre estate surrounded by 90 of their family and friends.

Broadway Themed Wedding

A Late Afternoon Wedding
Sensational Ceremonies

Both Kirsten and Ken are active in the Orlando musical community.  The beautiful Estate on the Halifax allowed for the perfect Broadway themed wedding. To that end, Jeff Thompson of Sensational Ceremonies was thrilled to work with the couple on a custom wedding that encompassed many elements of music within their ceremony.  Jeff took the three elements of music: rhythm, melody, and harmony and wove those aspects of music into a brief address to the bride and groom about how those elements all come into play in a marriage.

Rhythm– “You will find in your marriage there are specific rhythms of life that you’ll encounter every day.  There are times the pace and the rhythm is slower. Sometimes you can just ‘be’ and not have to worry about the ‘doing.’  You can be quiet and not have to worry about the conversation…and be okay with that.  You don’t have to be “on your game; you can just enjoy being together.  You just rest in each other’s arms.  There will be times the pace is hectic and active, and you’ll work together tirelessly to make things happen, communicating actively all through the process. Marriage is the adapting to those fluctuating rhythms of life.
Melody– Within a melody, each has its own identity, bringing strengths and individual characteristics to the music and the marriage.  For Ken, his strength and characteristics, according to Kirsten, are a loyalty and dedication to the relationship.  Kirsten acknowledged Ken values growth and hard work and is incredibly loyal to people.  At times, that will be the way Ken will take melody and lead the family.  However, Ken shared with Jeff that Kirsten brings a joy and playfulness to the marriage and can light up any room when she walks in.  Kirsten’s strength, sweetness, and caring side are the things that serve as her melody and there will be times in which she will take the lead at times in the relationship with those characteristics at the forefront. 
Harmony– This is where everything comes together.  It becomes beautiful music with balance and depth.  Two notes are working together simultaneously.  Beliefs, dreams, values, and even quirks are similar.  You can be serious, or you can be silly together.  Melody and rhythm can exist without harmony, but it won’t have the desired effect.  You can go through all the rhythms of life alone, or you can take the melody line and focus on your own strengths, talents, and abilities. But none of that is as pleasant as when true harmony takes place.  This will be true in music, and in marriage.

The couple sealed their marriage with traditional wedding vows and ring vows.  After being pronounced husband and wife, the couple exited the church to an awesome bubble display with all their family and friends greeting them on the chapel steps.

Some incredible vendors came together to make this a special day for the couple.  Jess Clark, from Blush by Brandee Gaar coordinated details on rehearsal and wedding day.  The catering team from the historic Aunt Catfish on the River restaurant in Port Orange did a great job with catering.  Edmund Rhodes, of Rhodes Studios captured all the special details of the ceremony and reception.  Tricia from Chace’s Cakes did a phenomenal job capturing the couples love of music with a beautiful custom cake.