A Colorful Affair

A Colorful Affair
Sensational Ceremonies

Paradise Cove in Orlando, otherwise know as Buena Vista Water Sports is full of amazing colors. From the blues and greens of the lake to the white sand beach to the amazing array of floral and trees, it provides for a true cavalcade of color. Laura and Stephen traveled to this magical spot from their home in Great Britain, to make their “marriage dream” come true. As it turns out, they also brought their sense of a colorful flair with them as well! Their bride’s maids wore dresses that were both colorful and beautiful.  The bride’s bouquet was made from beads and pendants. The bouquet was both stunning and amazing. The bridesmaids wore violet, blue, pink, yellow and green dresses in the party. Absolutely stunning!  And then, of course, there was Laura in her fabulous gown and Steve and his best man in their handsome suits and brilliant blue ties.  This was truly a wedding to remember!  Everything came from the creative mind of Laura the bride. Her profession is to create beautiful events through makeup, hair and decorations back in the UK. She is very good at what she does!


Elegant Weddings of Orlando by blush orchestrated the entire event with class. Their coordinator, Jamie Adams, did a wonderful job of getting everything started just on time! The ceremony was created specifically for Laura and Stephen by Lon Tosi of Celebration, Florida and representing Sensational Ceremonies. There was a certain Caribbean feeling with the event due to the wonderful vibes of Mello Vibes Entertainment. Mello plays a mean steel drum!  The flowers were provided by Flowers by Leslie. Leslie outdid herself with the multitude of colors needed. William Authors Photography will have produced outstanding photos of the wedding as they always do! Beauty and a Bowtie did the hair and makeup for the ladies, and of course, Frosting on the Cake provide the stunning work of art in cake form! Lon brought the license, to the wedding with him. It was delivered to him by Married By Mail, the largest Florida Marriage License Service in the state.  


The couple was planning to spend their honeymoon at Walt Disney World in Orlando.


And it all happened on a sunny, colorful day in Orlando, Florida!

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