TJ and Crystal

SC_Officiant Rev. Glynn Ferguson

TJ and Crystal

It is not every day that you get to marry your best friend.  TJ and Crystal traveled from Rhode Island to get married in Orlando 400 feet above Disney Springs in Aerophile.  

When the couple decided to elope they called Intimate Weddings of Orlando and Connie helped them book their sky-high wedding and helped connect them with an amazing team of professionals to make it all come together.

Rev. Glynn Ferguson, an official Walt Disney Wedding officiant and the owner of Sensational Ceremonies, worked with TJ and Crystal to create a beautiful custom ceremony that fit the two of them like a glove.

Rev. Glynn gave the two of them a homework assignment to write and tell him why they love each other.  That along with custom vows really made their ceremony perfect for the two of them.

Crystal wrote: I love TJ because he is silly and goofy and can make me laugh even when I am sad or angry. He loves my cats almost as much as I do, treating them like our children. He encourages me to be a better person. He’s stood by me at my worst and has helped me through my hardest struggles. He’s a genuinely good person, always looking out for and lifting up people around us when they are struggling. When I’m with him everything else disappears, even directions and bus stops.

TJ wrote: I love her because she brings out the best in me with her easy going nature and constant support. It’s both amazing and amusing how she manages to keep her cool even when I’m being a bit of a goofball. Her ability to handle my playful teasing and forgetfulness shows a level of patience that I genuinely admire and she makes me strive to be a better person. She makes love feel effortless, even when I’m being my wonderfully annoying self.

TJ and Crystal needed a Florida Marriage License and they didn’t want to spend hours at the court house, so they contacted Married by Mail to get their license for them.  Married by Mail also delivered it to their officiant before the wedding day.  

Flowers by Lesley brought the flowers.  When TJ and Crystal told Intimate Weddings of Orlando that they wanted purple roses, the only  option was to find Amnesia roses.  Dusty purple, the darkest natural rose was the perfect choice for them.  

Edmund with Rhodes Studios really worked his magic. It’s not easy photographing a wedding 400 feet in the air, but Edmund always brings his A Game and the equipment and experience to capture it all for years to come.

We wish TJ and Crystal the very best!