A Touch of Pastel

A Touch of Pastel

Lake Mary Events Center
Sensational Ceremonies

Courtney and Chris had a beautiful wedding in front of their family and friends at the Lake Mary Events Center.  With a touch of pastel the colors of flowers down the aisle and in the beautiful arrangements by In Bloom, everything looked amazing!

Olivia with Runway Events made sure that every detail was accounted for.  She and her team worked tirelessly to make the vision of Courtney and Chris come to life for their wedding day.
DJ Les with Soundwave Entertainment gave the couple and their guests the most beautiful music for their ceremony and kept them on the dance floor during the reception.  
Chelsea Renay Photography captured every detail of the couple’s day.  From getting ready pictures, venue pictures, to the ceremony and reception, all the away to the grand exit.  
Big City Catering hit it out of the park with the delicious food and beverages that they served.  If anyone left hungry then they didn’t sample the delectable spread that was before them.  
And talking about delicious the couple had a beautiful and DELICIOUS cake by Sugar Sugar Cake Boutique.   
Rev.Glynn Ferguson from Sensational Ceremonies was the officiant for this beautiful wedding.  He worked with the couple to create a custom ceremony that fit them perfectly.  He also gave them a homework assignment to write and say why they love each other.  Courtney wrote: I love Chris because each and every day he gives me a reason to smile, a reason to laugh, and a reason to be grateful for our life together. There’s nothing he won’t do, no matter how embarrassing, just to see me smile. I love Chris because when I am late, he is early. I love Chris because when I am neat, he is messy. I love Chris because when I want to murder anyone who gets near me early in the morning; he has already run 15 errands, walked the dogs, and brought me coffee. I love Chris because in so many ways we are opposite, but in so many ways we are one.   

 Chris, I love your smile. I love your work ethic. I love how goofy you are. I love your loyalty. I love that you do all our cooking. I love that you are kind and generous to those around you. I love how you value my opinion even when we don’t agree. I love your sense of adventure. I love how you make me feel beautiful and confident each and every day. Chris, I love that you are my best friend.

Chris wrote: Courtney, you are my best friend and the love of my life. There are too many reasons why I love you to count or put to into words, but I will try…..

I love that everytime I have a rough day you are there for me.

I love how you laugh at my silliness even though I know some days you want to kill me.

I love that being with you has made me into a better person.

I love whenever you look at me I feel the same way I did the first day that we met.

I love how you do the little things that keep my life in order, even though i don’t always thank you for it or realize it. Without you I would not be where I am today.

But most of all I love that when I look into your eyes I see the future, a house, kids, grand kids, growing old together, and that none of it scares me as long as I have you.

I love you Courtney Nicole and I always will until the end of my days.

 Now they are off on their journey through life together and we wish them the very best life.