Custom Destination Wedding

SC_Officiant Rev. Glynn Ferguson

Custom Destination Wedding

Their Story

Megan and Tommy traveled from the Atlanta, Georgia area to be married in a custom destination wedding at Walt Disney World in Orlando.  There on the shores of Crescent Lake, behind Disney’s Boardwalk Resort they took their vows, exchanged wedding rings and became husband and wife.  

Their Wedding Day

Since Tommy and Megan were getting married at Sea Breeze Point behind the Boardwalk Resort they decided that what would be better than just staying there as well.  Close to the ceremony site, Megan could look out her window and see the gazebo where she and Tommy would wed later that morning.  Lindsey with Disney Fairytale Weddings made sure to help the couple make all the arrangements to ensure their custom destination wedding would be everything they hoped it would be.  
Their photographer from Disney Fine Art Photography showed up early to make sure they captured all of the getting ready photos and also took care of some formal portraits for the two of them, before they saw each other.  
Lisa Ferrigno with the Disney Talent Group played the couple’s favorite music as Megan walked down the aisle, during the cake cutting, and anything else the guests wanted to hear.
Megan and Tommy asked Rev. Glynn Ferguson an Official Walt Disney World Wedding Officiant and owner of Sensational Ceremonies to work with them to create a ceremony that fit the two of them for their custom destination wedding.  Rev. Ferguson also gave the two of them a homework assigned to write him a paragraph each, and tell why they love each other.

Megan wrote:

There are so many reasons why I love and am in love with Tommy.  Besides the fact that he’s super handsome, He’s incredibly smart and loyal. He’s giving and puts others needs before his own. He is passionate and always gives his whole self to the things and people he loves most. He’s genuine and honest, even when he knows the truth my hurt a little. He is strong in every way a man should be yet affectionate and sweet in every way I need him to be. He treats me with respect and loves me how I have always wanted and needed to be loved by another person. He’s an incredible father to his little girl, which perhaps is what makes me love him the most. Him and Gwyn have made my heart whole and are everything I never knew I needed.I could go on and on but to put it simply, I have never loved anyone the way I love him. I have never felt connected with anyone the way I feel connected with him .When I am with him, no matter where we are, I feel like I am at home, because he is my home. I am whole heartedly, deeply in love with him and without a doubt believe he was made for me and me for him. He is my forever teammate, my true love, and my soulmate.

Tommy Wrote: 

Why I love Megan. I don’t know where to begin. I guess at the beginning. From the first moment I met Megan not only did i like her and find her attractive, I also trusted her. Actually it was more than trust, more like a sense of connection. I knew she was genuine and a good person and had the same values and standard I held. I have been let down and manipulated by many people, but I knew she would not be another. From this sense of connection and common ground our relationship grew deep quickly. In a very short time I found myself very comfortable and trusting in her in a way I have never felt with another person. We fell in love quickly and held nothing back, but had a great many challenges to overcome. Through each weekend spent together and each move closer we grow closer and more connected to a point now I do not know what I would do without her. Megan is all I want in a wife and life partner: kind, love, trustworthy, selfless, quick to help and give, beautiful, hardworking and strong. As the weeks turned to months and now to years i keep finding more reasons to want to share my life with her. I strive daily to be the man she needs me to be and to take care of her in ways she has never imagined possible. I can not wait to spend my life with Megan, raise a family together, and grow old together.

Congratulations!  We wish them their own Happily Ever After!