Jenni and Josh

SC_Officiant Rev. Glynn Ferguson

Jenni and Josh

What a beautiful wedding Jenni and Josh had at the Lake Mary Event Center. From the rotunda or the ceremony as hell to the terrace where the cocktail hour was, Jenni and Josh’s guest had beautiful views of the lake behind this stunning venue

Sophia with Blush by Brandee Gaar work with a couple to make sure that every detail of their wedding day was planned perfection. Sophia had previously worked with two other couples who were present at the wedding on their weddings as well.

I Rock Your Party made sure to bring the music and the mics for Jenni and Josh wedding day. From ceremony music and microphones for the officiant., cocktail hour, and then keeping the dance floor hopping until late into the evening I Rock Your Party really did rock! 

Erica, Sophia Photography and White Elm Films captured every moment of the wedding day for Jenni and Josh to share for a lifetime. From getting ready, ceremony and reception space, formal portraits, and all the fun at the reception. These teams worked hand-in-hand to create memories for a lifetime.   

Rev Glynn Ferguson, the owner of Sensational Ceremonies and  an official Walt Disney World wedding officiant, worked with Jenny and Josh to create a beautiful custom ceremony that fit the two of them like a glove. He gave them an assignment to write and tell him why they love each other.

Jenni wrote: I love Josh because he is my person. He is the one who has been with me through all of the hardships of growing up that you do in your twenties, and everything that comes with adulthood. He has truly been my pillar, my rock, the one I can tell rely on and tell everything too. He is my adventure partner, my very best friend, and the one who gets all my silly jokes and antics. He’s supported me through our lowest lows and highest highs, he accepts me at the very core of who I am without question, and he’s loved me unwaveringly. He is my one and only life partner, and I am so grateful that I get him for the rest of my life.

Josh wrote: Jenni is my partner, we have been together 8 years on this day, meeting first in college. We have grown up together into adults and understand eachother. We know how to work together to help eachother achieve their dreams or confort eachother. She is my best friend, making me laugh constantly. She is an amazing partner, supporting me in my outlandish goals or passions, even if they are passion projects and drives me to complete them. Jenni makes me a better person, keeping me in check before I do stupid things. I couldn’t ask for a better person or wife to be in my life and cant wait to spend the rest of mine with her.

Rounding out the incredible team of vendors that worked on the wedding for Ginny and Josh was Arthur’s catering. The food for the cocktail hour and the reception was nothing short of amazing. If you didn’t leave this wedding for the full stomach, then it’s your own fault.

We want to wish Jenni and Josh for a lifetime. May your arguments be short and your laughter be long