Jennifer and Jason

SC_Officiant Rev. Glynn Ferguosn

Jennifer and Jason

Elopement Bliss: Jennifer and Jason Tie the Knot in Orlando!

Love bloomed in Chattanooga, Tennessee for Jennifer and Jason, and they decided to celebrate their happily ever after with a beautiful elopement ceremony in Orlando, Florida!

Elopement Experts to the Rescue

Knowing they’d be traveling with Jennifer’s teenagers, the couple contacted Intimate Weddings of Orlando to explore elopement options. Connie, their wedding planner, helped them choose the stunning Celebration lakefront as the perfect backdrop for their intimate ceremony.

Roses, Rings, and “I Do’s”

Flowers by Lesley designed a breathtaking all-rose bouquet and matching boutonniere in a rich velvet red. These vibrant blooms perfectly complemented Jennifer’s elegant ivory wedding dress and Jason’s royal blue suit.

Every special moment of their elopement was captured by Edmond from Rhodes Studios Photo and Video. From the moment they arrived to when they walked back down the aisle as husband and wife, Edmond ensured their love story would be beautifully documented.

A Ceremony Filled with Love

Rev. Glynn Ferguson of Sensational Ceremonies played a special role in crafting a personalized ceremony that resonated deeply with Jennifer and Jason. He even gave them a unique “homework assignment” – to write down why they loved each other.

Jennifer’s heartfelt words painted a beautiful picture of their love: “When I met Jason, I finally felt complete. He believes in me like no one else, and his voice calms me like magic. He makes me feel safe and loved. Even the little things, like sharing pizza or remembering my spoon collection, show how much he cares. I love that he shares my faith and that I get to spend the rest of my life with him.”

Jason’s vows were equally touching: “I knew I loved Jennifer from the moment we met. She’s faced challenges no one should, but she always comes out stronger. I’ll spend every day trying to be the man she deserves.”

Tears of joy were shed, promises were exchanged, and Jennifer and Jason embarked on their happily ever after. Congratulations to the beautiful couple! We wish you a lifetime of love and happiness together.