Four Seasons Resort Wedding-Walt Disney World

Four Seasons Resort Wedding-Walt Disney World

A Wedding Fit for the Queen's Ballroom

Four Seasons Resort Wedding-Walt Disney World
Sensational Ceremonies

A Wedding Fit for the Queen’s Ballroom
After the stormy day of thunderstorms Theresa and John united in marriage inside the Four Seasons Resort at Walt Disney World.  What was supposed to be a ceremony on the Areca Lawn, ended up be a beautiful ceremony in the Queen’s Ballroom.  Surrounded by family and friends the couple, along with their children, vowed a lifetime of laughter, love, and happiness.
Deirdra with the Four Seasons Resort worked with the couple to make sure that every detail was taken care of.  And when the rain came, she had an unbelievable backup plan.  
Greenery Productions crafted the beautiful pastel bride’s bouquet  and matching boutonnieres from garden roses, peonies, ranunculus, and lambs ear.
Victoria from Victoria Angela Photography captured this wonderful celebration of love.  Images of the bride on the grand staircase, John waiting waiting for Theresa at the end of the aisle, and guests surrounding them as they recited their vows.
Rev.Glynn Ferguson with Sensational Ceremonies worked with the couple to create a custom ceremony, that fit their desire to have a personal ceremony and include their three children.  
Maddy read a little poem: “Mom and John get married today,

I’d like to help them on their way.

So here’s some special advice from me,

To help them with our family.

Keep our house filled with laughter

Let’s have fun forever after.

Keep the drawer filled up with sweets,

And give us children lots of treats.

Make sure you spend time together,

To keep your happiness forever.

Make sure you spend lots on us,

And then us kids won’t make a fuss.

And we especially won’t ever cry,

So long as you always provide Wifi.

But the most important thing for you,

Is to show your love in all you do.

A caring word, a kiss, a touch,

And those family cuddles that mean so much.”

After blended family vows, the family pour various candies into a candy jar to represent their lives and loves are joined together as one.

We wish them a lifetime of happiness.