Paradise Cove Wedding

Rhodes Studios
Sensational Ceremonies

A Beautiful Rainy Day in Paradise!

Gloria and Fredy chose the beautiful Paradise Cove in Orlando for their dream wedding. They spent many hours planning their custom wedding ceremony with Lon Tosi fromSensational Ceremonies acting as their officiant and guide. It all resulted in a wonderful wedding cerebration in front of their audience of 100 friends and family. It rained on their day, and thankfully Paradise Cove has a gorgeous backup for rain days. Everything was perfect and as the attached photo will show, the setting was fantastic! Gloria and Fredy wrote their own vows to one another. Between each reading music was played. What made this moment in the ceremony so special was that Gloria actually sang to the music. And, she was good! Lon even commented that had never happened before in one of his ceremonies. It was so endearing, and warm, and loving! The ceremony could not have been more gorgeous! There is a reason that Edmund Rhodes is so successful in Orlando. The photos taken even on a rainy day turned out to be colorful and warm. The couple planned to spend time at the local attractions on their honeymoon including Walt Disney World, and SeaWorld Orlando. Good luck you two! You are off on a great start

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