Rachelle and Al

SC_Officiant Lon Tosi

Rachelle and Al

Margaritaville Resort Orlando recently provided a fantastic backdrop for a very special event. Rachelle and Al, their two handsome sons, and a small group of family and friends used the venue’s Anchor Terrace as a backdrop for their ten-year anniversary celebration. The terrace features a perfect setting with two palm trees framing a stoned patio.  Just an amazing setting for their event! The couple and their audience traveled to Orlando from their home in the northeast to revel in the warm air and happiness at the resort.

Lon Tosi an officiant with the Orlando, Florida based Sensational Ceremonies was selected to be the officiant by Intimate Weddings of Orlando the planning company to preside over the event for Rachelle and Al. Lon worked with the couple using a fantastic planning kit to create a custom renewal ceremony that was exactly what the couple envisioned for their ten-year anniversary celebration. Rachelle’s sons walked her down the stone aisle. Al, walked to her, hugged his sons, and took her hand. 

Lesley with Flowers with Lesley crafted beautiful bouquets and boutonnieres for the wedding party.  The contrast against the teal colors of the dresses really made them pop with color.

The ceremony for Rachelle and Al was intimate and beautiful. It included words about the level of commitment that each partner contributes to the relationship. It included new vows of intent to ground their relationship into the future. It included a gorgeous ring ceremony in which they each held each other’s ring finger and repeated special words of love at the same time. That was amazing and special. The couple wrote and repeated special thoughts about their relationship. Very touching! And finally, they kissed and walked down the aisle together with their two sons. There has never been a more beautiful and touching ten-year renewal ceremony.

Christopher Smith was on hand to capture this most beautiful ten-year renewal celebration for Rachelle and Al. Married BY Mail’s Dianne Boyd actually played music for the couple in a role that is very suited to her. She actually visits many of the local  customers of Married By Mail. The music was flawless! And, Rachelle picked it all!

And it all happened on a sunny and warm August just a skip and a throw from Walt Disney World Resort.