Shinning Ceremony on a Lake!

SC_Officiant Lon Tosi

Shinning Ceremony on a Lake!

The Venue

Paradise Cove is located in Lake Buena Vista, Florida just a stone’s throw away from the wonderful world of Walt Disney World Resort. Nature blessed Paradise Cove with a gorgeous placid lake and sand beach with majestic palms and cypress trees. They have Spanish Moss hanging from the tress all over the property giving the entire vista a “true tropical feel”. In essence, it is perfect for those brides and grooms who want to blend a Disney vacation/honeymoon with a “beach feel” wedding. and a shinning ceremony on a lake. With Paradise Cove they have the best of both worlds. 

The Couple 

Michael and Keisha, waited many years to find the right person to marry. They are both in their early 40’s. However, the wait was well worth it. They are a perfect match for one another; an attractive couple with careers in full force. They are established, and both recognized immediately what they had in each other. They also immediately recognized the uniqueness of Paradise Cove, with all that it had to offer. Accordingly, they brought a group of nearly 60 friends and family members to this magical spot to cerebrate their coming together in a shinning ceremony on a lake. And it was a blast!

The Ceremony

Simple and sweet! That is what they wanted, and they got exactly that with “some extras”! Lon Tosi -, officiant with the Orlando Team of Officiants of Sensational Ceremonies worked with this to create a gorgeous and beautiful ceremony that fit their needs perfectly.  The event featured their own creative wedding statements that spoke directly to their love for one another. There was a hand blessing with an amazing prayer at the end that requested help from the Lord in helping their hands to make a difference in this world. Michael, promised Keisha to “always be a source of light and positivity in her life”. Keisha told Michael that she loved that he has accepted her family and different culture (Trinidad and Tobago). There was a wonderful song played in memory of Amos – Michael’s father. The ceremony was just perfect! Everyone had a great time!

The Vendors

What a team!  Truly an A-list of vendors

Sensational Ceremonies – Lon Tosi – Officiant – Custom Wedding Ceremony

Castaldo Studios – Domonico and Cecily Castaldo in attendance – They provided Video and Photography

Coco Bean Productions – Amazing sound for the ceremony and reception

Atmosphere’s Floral – Simply gorgeous florals

Married By Mail – Dianne provided the couple with their Florida Marriage License. She also attended the wedding to see them get married. Truly a wonderful service!

Keisha and Michael, we wish you all the magic and love and happiness a marriage can bring! Congratulations. 

And it all happened on a sunny day on a gorgeous lake in Central Florida!